2015 Campaign

Campaigning for the 2015 AZAB Race & Rolex Fastnet Race

Thursday, 31 May 2012

Vento Di Sardegna

A sight we don't expect to see much of during the race - the bow of the Italian 50' entry. From where we sit everything about the boat seems huge - the mast is 50% taller than Jangada's and the sails hoisted with 2:1 purchase.


Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Under pressure

Pressure washing Jangada's bottom before moving across the estuary for race registration. It's surprising how much algae accumulates after only two weeks in the water. But a good opportunity for a final inspection before the hull disappears underwater again.

Grace & I have been busy with a few last minutes jobs, such as replacing the tell tales on the mainsail. Dad and Margaret joined us for lunch and wished us a safe crossing.

Crew change tomorrow as Trevor arrives and Grace heads off.


Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Plymouth Ho!

At least the list of “things still to do” seems to be getting smaller, thank goodness. And, of course, top of these was to get the boat to Plymouth. So Richie and I arrived by train on Friday morning and, by stint of resisting the Cappucino breaks that seemed to punctuate our earlier boat-readying sessions, we managed to get through most of the list.

There were a few hiccups, such as the numbers on the hull that had to be changed (too small), but we finally got away from Port Hamble by 4pm. It was a bit of a slog against the tide out of the Solent, not helped by the drizzly weather, which occasionally relented and rained properly. But the wind was fair, albeit a beat and we made good progress, taking turns at three-hourly watches through the night and, although still foggy, the clouds cleared above us, to reveal a star-spangled sky.

Dawn found us most of the way across Lyme Bay, though the wind, which had been fairly brisk through the night, left us so we hitched up the donkey and motored for the final stretch. I even took a couple of sun sights – but the new books and rust on the brain cells prevented me from doing the actual clever bit of calculating where we were. Actually, it wasn’t difficult, with Bolt Head just behind my left shoulder…but that’s not the point.

So, the boat is now safely tucked up in the marina at Plymouth, straining at her lines to be off and we’re back in our respective homes, looking up long-range weather forecasts and trying to think of anything we’ve forgotten… Trev

p.s. Also working behind the scenes, Grace is busy gathering together the ingredients for several cakes, whilst the rest of the food is sorted into day bags. Rich.

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Twostar preparations drawing to a close

The hull numbers are on. The keel and rudder sporting a bright orange paint job. These are just some of the more visible aspects that show the culmination of 12 months of preparation for the two-handed transatlantic race.

Safety Checklists have been poured over time and again. A vast medical kit delivered to cater for every eventuality, including child-birth! US visas issued. Extra water tank installed. A new radar standing proud at the stern, watching over us.

But its not just the big items - the attention to detail is just as important. Spares, bulbs, nuts, bolts, screws, ropes, tapes, glues, tools....the list goes on. When you are over 1,000nm from the nearest store, you have to take the chandlery with you.

Jangada Too will be on her way to Plymouth this weekend, ready for the race start on 3 June. I'm certainly looking forward to the start now - no more worrying about getting the preparations right. Just single minded focus on our objectives:
1) to reach Newport safely without injury or major incident
2) to ensure Trevor & I are still on speaking terms, as this has to be fun
3) and to finish with a credible result against competitors that have extensive ocean racing experience.

Newport, here we come. The North Atlantic, bring it on!