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Campaigning for the 2015 AZAB Race & Rolex Fastnet Race

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Eddystone & back

Prime objective - finish the race as it represented 230 of our 300 miles needed to qualiy for the Fastnet Race. Job done. Although nearly half the fleet did not.

A very challenging race in light and variable winds. An early lead as we crept along the Island shore towards the Needles was very satisying as we watched yachts drifting away and over the Shingle Bank towards the North passage. Over ambitious with our timing of the tide gate at Portland Bill, we perhaps suffered as the wind died away.

But we did at least get to try out our entire wardrobe of sails which kept Jeremy & I very busy. The staysail in particular looks like having much potential.

Food was boil in the bag - tasted fine. And no washing up. But more fruit needed - least said the better!

The yachties weren't the only ones basking in the sunshine off Eddystone. We watched in awe as a magnificent basking shark glided across our bows. Almost close enough to reach out and touch.

Finally, drifted around the Eddystone Light on Sunday. Perhaps not as brave as some with the rounding, but Primary Objective No.1 (finish) decreed a safe rounding distance. Then settled down for the long drift back towards Salcombe.

Objective for the next race - get our comms sorted, and maybe even post a few blogs on the way.

Jangada - the origin of the name

Why Jangada Too?

The first dinghy that I owned was a Laser. With its flat hull and single sail it reminded us of the Brazilian fishing rafts - Jangadas.

So when I came to buy my first yacht it seemed only approporiate for the name to live on.
born - Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Monday, 11 May 2009


Hello fellow Jangadieros.

Welcome to Jangada's Blog - an opportunity to see what we are doing as Jeremy & I prepare to take on the Rolex Fastnet Race double handed.

The season has already got off to a good start with our first win in the JOG race from Cherbourg to Cowes - see Yachts & Yachting for details.

Comms permiting we'll try to update posts as the races progress, and look forward to reading your comments (but please - no "outside assistance" during races).