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Sunday, 21 June 2009

OUYC finish 7th in Class in the Round The Island Race

Smiles all round from the Oxford University Team. Final result - 7th in IRC2A, 168th Overall (top 10%), and 8th J109 (out of 34) - an excellent result for our first race together.


Saturday, 20 June 2009


17:59 finished. All in good spirits, waiting to get our result


St Catherines to Bembridge

Up to 18kt of wind. Some spectacular broaches to entertain. We were
not without a few issues - a kite wrap around the forestay. All dealt
with. A cautious rounding at Bembridge with made into a lottery as the
wind died completely. Now approached Ryde Sands with 10kt wind for a
very pleasant beat.


Wreck of the Varvassi rounded safely. Spinnaker run to St Catherines.

Round The Island

Off to a clear start with Oxford University. Clear air mid line at the
epense of foul tide. But hope boat speed will more than compensate.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Job done

Crossed the finish line at 12:30, Sunday.

Qualification for the Fastnet Race complete.


Shortened Course

Hurray. The course has been shortened and the race ends at the next
mark. Banana Quay Warf, here we come - the iced beer beckons.



Morning all - anvil point

Through the last major tide gate . Just need to get to hurst - then
pool then back to hurst. Might shorten course but unlikly... 5knts


We suspect somthing...

Blog from the bog!

All system functioning!

A hard night. First anchor didn't hold so we had try again with
heavier anchor and longer warps. Eventually got the hook to hold. But
took most of our effory to recover it from 40m of water. Lost a lot of
places as we slipped back 2 miles.

I'm off to my bunk for a kip.


Anchored in 40mtrs 130mtrs of line to pull up for breakfast!

Saturday, 13 June 2009

No wind again. Jw all is well

Hmmm its a numbers game!!! Four a.m

Mandolin Wind

Playing on the Jangada Juke Box tonight is Rod Stewart's Mandolin
Wind. A very pleasant interlude as we catch the last of the fair tide
near Anvil Point.

Penguin and afternoon tea &drift

Blue Water sailing

Off Ventnor. Closely pursued by a jumping jellyfish snapping at

Breeze at last

After a light wind drift to the East with tide, we have now found some
steady pressure from the East off Ryde. 6 kt boat speed , Jeremy
looking happier.

Sir Admiral Waddle has issued flapjacks in reward.

Countdown to start

End of the line pinged. 4kt of wind - ggrrrr

Friday, 12 June 2009

De Guingand Bowl

Another Fastnet qualifier and again light winds forecast for the
weekend. RORC have just published the course - East, west, east, west,
east between Nab and Portland. 126nm in total. Routing is predicting a
finish on Sunday evening. Just hope we get a few sea breezes to speed
things up.

Jangada has got another new weapon onboard which might prove usefull -
60m of webbing for the kedge anchor.


Sunday, 7 June 2009

Training with OUYC

Members of the Oxford University Yacht Club, in preparation for the Round the Island race in a fortnight. The only face missing from the photo - the Owner, who eventually found a job to do as "sewer rat".

The weather Gods looked upon us favourably for the day, with most of the rain bypassing us as we tacked and gybed our way around the Solent, taking advantage of some huge wind shifts.